With Joe on the road in Monte Carlo, Poker Night Live turned to announcer Tiffany Michelle to host Rob Riggle & Friends.

Seat 1: Actor, Oliver Hudson
Seat 2: Breaker of prisons, Amaury Nolasco
Seat 3: Guest Host Tiffany Michelle
Seat 4: Comedy Super Star Rob Riggle
Seat 5: From New Girl, scruffy-hunk Jake Johnson
Seat 6: Actor/Ghost whisperer, Haley Joel Osment

There was no shortage of laughs, or the misreading of hands which made for some entertaining poker bloopers. It was clear from early on that Jake Johnson came to play. Johnson revealed that a former job required him to play at several casinos in Los Angeles and regaled the table with tales of the Gardens Casino before the $90 million renovation.

“I think I’m underdressed”

It wasn’t long before Tiffany put Jake Johnson to the test. Holding J♦️J♣ , Jake bet the turn on Q♥ 7♣ 5♣ Q♠ and Tiffany (JTo, no pair no draw) raised to $130. Johnson made the call the river brought the 4♣ which completed many of the possible draws. Tiffany moved all-in and Jake called correctly to double up. This would not be Tiffany’s only bluff of the evening but we’ll save that one for your viewing pleasure.

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