Survivor Champions Night (Season 1 Week 10), a theme pitched to production by Tyson Apostol, gave new meaning to the phrase ‘giving the people what they want.’ Apostol already graced PNL with his presence in week 4’s Reality Stars Night so having him back was a no-brainer. Fans of Survivor hit the jackpot as this table produced some incredible insights into the most memorable moments of the 36-season program

Seat 1: Jeremy Collins

Seat 2: Kim Spradlin

Seat 3: Stapes

Seat 4: Boston Rob Mariano

Seat 5: Jonathan Little

Seat 6: Tyson Apostol

Apostol started things off with a splash by ordering a glass of milk. Actual, milk. At the poker table.

“You’re drinking milk?” – Stapes

“Uhhh, yes. The dairy council of America says it’s the best beverage you can drink”- Tyson

It’s no surprise that Survivor superfan & poker guru Jonathan Little would go on to win quite a bit but what was a surprise was Tyson revealing how he made fire to win his season 27 (he may have “cheated”) Tune in to view the most-watched episode of this season!

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