“Ladies Night 2” continued at the Sugar House Casino in Philadelphia, which was the most recent “Poker Night in America” telecast, initially broadcast on Nov. 23rd. ?The poker action was actually filmed last April over a three-day shooting period, which included two-days of high stakes cash games, plus an entire day with the Ladies-Only game.

This most recent episode featured two standout performances. ?Samantha Abernathy continued her roll, dominating the game for the most part, and making perfect reads much of time. ?When she hit her hand, she usually got paid off. ?When she missed, or had a suspect hand, she was able to get away from the danger. ?Abernathy came away as the biggest winner ever in a Ladies Only cash game. ?Note that this record could be challenged this coming week, as new episodes are currently being filmed at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino (Hollywood, FL), which will include “Ladies Night 3.”

Side Note: ?”Lades Night 3″ can be viewed in its entirety on Tuesday, December 1st, staring at 12:30 pm and running until about 9 pm EST.

The other standout performer was Jennifer Shahade, the two-time Ladies United States Chess Champion. ?She demonstrated that she can play poker with equal tenacity, holding her own in the cash game, despite taking a few bad beats at the table. ?As for chess, Shahade lived up to her grandmaster status, playing an exhibition against four “Poker Night in America” personalities — Todd Anderson, Chris Hanson, Nolan Dalla, and journalist Mark Hoke. ?Playing four matches simultaneously, Shahade wiped out Dalla in just 8 moves. ?The rest of the lineup was almost as soft, no one lasting more than 15 minutes against the chess champion.

“Poker Night in America” continues from Sugar House in Philadelphia with the open cash game, including the famed “Philly Cheesesteak Kings,” who sit in the game with the pros. ?The next episode airs Monday, Nov. 20th.


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