“Poker Night in America” continued this week, with highlights of “Ladies Night 2,” filmed in April 2015 at the Sugar House Casino, in Philadelphia. ?This was the second show from the venue, which will continue to serve as the featured locale through the end of Season 2 (which concludes in December). ?Episodes for Season 3 begin in January 2016. ? READ EPISODE 1 REPORT HERE

The ladies-only cash game was introduced on air by PNiA host Chris Hanson, who pretty much summed up how things went by calling the episode, “Samantha Abernathy Night,” since she ended up running over the game. ?Abernathy did just about everything right and the deck certainly cooperated as she ended up with one of the biggest wins of any female to ever appear on the show. ?For the record, the biggest cash win of any female player was by New York-based criminal defense attorney Linda Kenney Baden, who won approximately $25,000 in a single poker session while filming last year at the Rivers Casino, in Pittsburgh.

Abernathy was unstoppable, winning every hand that was shown. ?However, one of the most memorable hands of the episode involved Christina Lindley, who took down Phil Hellmuth.

Viewers may wonder what prompted Hellmuth’s appearance in the “ladies only” game. ?Good question. ?While PNiA showcases women as the featured attraction in the cash game, it was decided that Hellmuth might add a little extra spice to the festivities. ?Hence, he was permitted to play for one hour, without any objections. ?Since Hellmuth has yet to book a significant win on the show, the ladies weren’t exactly intimidated by the presence of the 14-time World Series of Poker gold bracelet winner. ?In fact, most of the ladies seemed eager to go after his bankroll.

Lindley hammered Hellmuth on one key hand when she was dealt 8-7 suited and decided to see a flop against Hellmuth, holding K-Q. ?The flop was a dream for Lindley, who saw 10-9-6, which was good for a straight. ?Lindley was thinking how much she could extract from Hellmuth. ?However, he didn’t have much of a hand (just two overcards), so it was hard to imagine how this would generate much action. ?A king on the turned reeled Hellmuth into the pot, and another king on the river (good for trips), hooked the 1989 world champion for good, with Lindley hauling in the prize catch. ?Lindley ended up carving Hellmuth for about $3,000 on the hand, much to the delight of the ladies, and spectators.

Two-time ladies American Chess Champion, Jennifer Shahade, a Philadelphia native sat in the game. ?Unfortunately, she took a horrid beat and lost her stack against Samantha Abernathy. ?Shahade was dealt A-A, and raised which got Abernathy to call, holding 9-9. ?The board was non-threatening until the turn, when Abernathy spiked a 9, good for trips. ?Shahade bet out, Abernathy raised all in, and the chess grandmaster made a crying call, figuring that her adversary was continuing to run good. ?The set of nines held up, felting Shahade, who quickly rebought. ?At least that was the extend of her misfortune. ?As for Abernathy, who raked in a $11,825 pot with that hand, she was just getting started.

The session concluded with Abernathy the night’s biggest winner — $15,750 to the good. ?In fact, only three of the ladies booked a win — Abernathy, along with Christina Lindley and Jessica Dawley, who has appeared on PNiA more than any other female (this was her fifth time to play). ?The six other females, plus Hellmuth, all had to accept a loss. ?Hellmuth ended up being stuck $3,429. ?Thanks for playing, Phil.

Beth Shak predictably, added some humor to the game, sharing off her new line of shoe wear (she has two product lines — “Beth Shak” and “Beth Shak Couture”). ?Shak, a Philadelphia local who is famous for having what must be the biggest shoe collection of anyone in poker, reportedly has 1,200 pairs of shoes in her closet, valued at more than $1 million.

PNiA at Sugar House is about to get even more interesting. ?An open game was filmed over the following two days, which will be the subject of the next few episodes. ?Not to be missed are the appearances of the “Philly Cheesesteak Kings,”?who invited PNiA cameras into their restaurant kitchens and will show us the secret to making the best Philly Cheesesteaks in the country. ?The three local grilling legends also sat down in the cash game, and surprisingly, did quite well. ?There’s even a trophy given out to the winner, who survives in the cash game the longest. ?Again, don;t miss the next few shows, which debut on Monday nights at 7 pm PST/10 pm EST.

PNiA is filming the coming weekend at the Rivers Casino, where we are covering the Pittsburgh Poker Open (running through Nov, 23). ?Among the participants are Jennifer Tilly, Phil Laak, and Jennifer Harman, making her first appearance on our show. ?She was just inducted recently into the Poker Hall of Fame, which is the game’s highest honor. ?READ MORE ABOUT THE 2015 PITTSBURGH POKER OPEN HERE

Then, after a short break for the Thanksgiving holiday, PNiA travels south to the Seminole Hard Rock Casino, in Hollywood, FL, where we’re filming more episodes for Season 3. ?READ MORE ABOUT THE 2015 ROCK N’ ROLL POKER OPEN HERE

‘Til next week..


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