Televised poker meets late night talk show to raise the stakes on late night tv

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Poker Night in America: Celebrity Home Game is coming to CBS Sports Network.

Last Spring, CBS Sports Network and Poker Night in America launched a new live TV poker show featuring celebrities playing poker in a fun, low-stakes atmosphere. Poker Night LIVE quickly became a popular, highly rated TV show and featured celebrity guests including Jon Hamm,  Jason Alexander, Kevin Pollack, Tito Ortiz, “Bachelorette” Bekah M, and other reality TV stars from Survivor, Vanderpump Rules and Real Housewives.

This Spring the creators of Poker Night LIVE are bringing a new version of the show to CBS Sports Network starting May 21st, with celebrity sports personalities as well as legendary Las Vegas comedian Vinnie Favorito.   Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh will host the first four episodes of Poker Night in America: Celebrity Home Game.

“We are really excited about bringing back a version of the celebrity show we did last Spring,” said show creator Todd Anderson.  “This year we have Vinnie hosting the show who is one of the funniest people I’ve ever seen.”

The show host, Vinnie Favorito, will not only be commentating the game but will be playing in the game, mixing it up on the felt with celebrity athletes.  Favorito is best know for his stand up show that ran for many years at the Flamingo Hotel on the Las Vegas strip.

“We have some fun nights planned, including an NFL night, a Pittsburgh Penguins night, and a NHL ‘enforcers’ night were we are bringing in some of the greatest tough guys in NHL history,” continued Anderson.

The four shows from Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh will begin airing every Tuesday at 10pm EDT, 7pm Pacific starting May 21st.  The production has plans to move to Philadelphia to shoot four more new shows in July with more celebrity athletes.


About Poker Night in America
Founded in 2013, Rush Street Productions brought America’s true pastime, Texas Hold’em Poker, to television screens nationwide on CBS Sports Network with its hit series Poker Night in America and follow up hit Poker Night Live.  Currently in its sixth season, and with  more than 180 episodes produced, Poker Night in America continues to showcase amazing cash game poker each week played by the game’s best players and celebrities. For more information, visit pokernight.com or follow Poker Night on Twitter, Youtube, and Twitch.

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