Good Afternoon!

Hopefully most of you have off from work this week as we approach the chunky part of the holiday season. Here at Poker Night in America headquarters in Fargo, North Dakota, aka Santa’s Workshop for Televised Poker, we have our minions editing around the clock to bring you fresh content.

Tonight at 10pm ET on CBS SPORTS NETWORK, brace yourself for PROFESSIONAL WRESTLERS NIGHT on CELEBRITY HOME GAME, featuring Chavo Guerrero, PJ Black, Pat Tanaka, Fred Ottman aka Tugboat & PNIA Sweepstakes WINNER Jody Connelly.

Right now on Youtube, check out Part 1 of LEGENDS OF BOXING. Our guests had a blast rope-a-doping our host Vinnie.


Also, check out our most recent compilation videos as we revisit the BIGGEST POTS from Season 5 and 6!



Congrats to ‘LORDDESDU’ for winning yesterday’s NFL Sunday FantasyDraft FREE ROLL. Here’s their winning lineup which racked up nearly 209 fantasy points! Make sure you check your email this week to submit your lineup for yet another FREE ROLL this SUNDAY!


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