SPONSORSHIP GUIDE Biggest Names THE BIGGEST NAMES IN POKER We’ve produced over 120 episodes in the first two years. Players keep coming back because it’s “the most fun” they’ve ever had playing poker. We mix well known players with celebrities to create a fun and interesting environment. It’s one of the top rated shows on CBS Sports Network and the show keeps getting better and better. CBS Sports CBS SPORTS NETWORK Poker Night in America debuts new episodes nationwide on CBS Sports Network every Monday to an audience of 96 million homes. Syndication SYNDICATION NETWORK • In addition to CBS Sports Network, Poker Night in America is syndicated on a number of regional sports networks around the country.
• In total, those syndicated networks reach an additional 28 million homes across 27 states.
• In an average week, Poker Night in America airs every day of the week, over 20 combined times on those syndicated networks.
Online Distribution ONLINE DISTRIBUTION Poker Night in America has a strong and constantly growing base of loyal online viewers. Our content has been viewed online over 5 million times. 3.7 MILLION VIEWS 7,500 SUBSCRIBERS 1.3 MILLION VIEWS 16,000 FOLLOWERS Event Schedule 2016 EVENT SCHEDULE • Poker Night in America (along with tournament show The Final Table) had 11 events in 2016. • Poker Night filmed on 8 different properties, across 7 different states. • In addition to filming for television, Poker Night also had live online broadcasts on Twitch for every event. Case Study CASE STUDY We filmed two days of cash games with poker pros including Phil Hellmuth, Brandon Cantu, & Cate Hall as well as one day of tournament play with footage to be used in our upcoming show The Final Table. MAIN EVENT 1064 total entries with $1.5 Million in prize pool (filmed for The Final Table) TWITCH AUDIENCE 45,000 video plays (views) 20,000 unique viewers VIDEO PRODUCTION Six episodes produced for Poker Night in America Two episodes produced for The Final Table Sizzle Reel PNIA SIZZLE REEL Sponsorship Elements SPONSORSHIP ELEMENTS On Site Branding Table Branding Sponsorship Elements SPONSORSHIP ELEMENTS Web Branding Player Branding Sponsorship Elements SPONSORSHIP ELEMENTS Show Branding 30 Second Spots Contest CONTEST • National Campaign
• Promoted through CBS Sports commercials, Syndicated Network Commercials, Social Media channels, and Livestream Events.
• Short-form videos, targeted at 18 - 54 aged Males.
• Winner to appear at the table in Choctaw, and will golf against the pros at the Dallas Top Golf location.