SPONSORSHIP GUIDE Biggest Names THE BIGGEST NAMES IN POKER We’ve produced over 120 episodes in the first two years. Players keep coming back because it’s “the most fun” they’ve ever had playing poker. We mix well known players with celebrities to create a fun and interesting environment. It’s one of the top rated shows on CBS Sports Network and the show keeps getting better and better. CBS Sports CBS SPORTS NETWORK Poker Night in America debuts new episodes nationwide on CBS Sports Network every Monday to an audience of 96 million homes. Syndication SYNDICATION NETWORK • In addition to CBS Sports Network, Poker Night in America is syndicated on a number of regional sports networks around the country.
• In total, those syndicated networks reach an additional 28 million homes across 27 states.
• In an average week, Poker Night in America airs every day of the week, over 20 combined times on those syndicated networks.
Online Distribution ONLINE DISTRIBUTION Poker Night in America has a strong and constantly growing base of loyal online viewers. Our content has been viewed online over 5 million times. 3.7 MILLION VIEWS 7,500 SUBSCRIBERS 1.3 MILLION VIEWS 16,000 FOLLOWERS Event Partners EVENT PARTNERS Our event partners include: Case Study CASE STUDY We filmed two days of cash game poker at SugarHouse Casino in Philadelphia featuring some of the game's best players, including Phil Hellmuth, Doug Polk, and Olivier Busquet, one day of Locals Live featuring Philly's best local cash game players, and one crazy afternoon of the historic Grudge Match between Mike Dentale and Cate Hall, featuring Shaun Deeb and Doug Polk on commentary. This entire event was streamed on Twitch to record-breaking audiences, generated massive social media buzz, and made SugarHouse Casino the center of the poker world for a whole weekend. ONLINE AUDIENCE 364,000 Tweet Impressions
40,000 Profile Visits
TWITCH AUDIENCE 270,000 Unique Visitors Over 500,000 video plays VIDEO PRODUCTION 6 half-hour episodes made from our full ring cash games 2 one-hour episodes made from the Grudge Match
Sizzle Reel PNIA SIZZLE REEL Sponsorship Elements SPONSORSHIP ELEMENTS On Site Branding Table Branding Sponsorship Elements SPONSORSHIP ELEMENTS Web Branding Player Branding Investment SPONSORSHIP PROPOSAL • Two 30-second spots in the first run hour of Poker Night in America on CBS Sports Network every Monday night at 10:00pm EST.
• Two 30-second spots in the second hour of PNIA on CBS Sports Network.
• In-show billboards promoting Sit N Go.
• “Brought to You By” audio mention during each episode of PNIA.
• Sit N Go logo on Flop Cam shot in-show (often accompanied by audio mention).
• Land-based event marketing and branding.
• Banner ads and links for Sit N Go on PokerNight.com.
• Posts on PNIA social media promoting Sit N Go.
• On-screen Sit N Go logos and audio mention during each PNIA livestream on Twitch.
• Sit N Go contest winners given seats at each PNIA cash game table, providing on-set branding through patches, clothing, etc.
• Sit N Go contest winners will be given seats at the PNIA cash game table as well as an invitation to hang out with the celebrity poker pros during the event “field trip” (most events includes an excursion to produce off the table material for the TV show).
• Weekly video content for use in Sit N Go US marketing efforts.
• Our regional sports network distributions bolster our reach to 20 additional weekly airings in 28 million households.
TOTAL INVESTMENT • $200,000 for one year, starting July 1, 2017.