PARTNER GUIDE AN INTRODUCTION Introducting Poker Night Live INTRODUCING THE NETWORK LAUNCH OF Due to meteoric spikes in ratings for Poker Night in America airings and livestreams, CBS Sports Network has offered a totally unique Cash Game show called Poker Night Live.

Poker Night LIVE will feature all the celebrity star power and madcap cash game poker of the flagship show, but it will be broadcast live with a half-hour delay from The Gardens Casino in Los Angeles, CA
Programming 26 Hours of National TV Broadcast
80 Hours of Twitch Broadcast
13 Weeks of Programming
8 Total Exposure Hours per Week
Poker Night in America LIVE is slated to create 26 hours of new and original poker content for CBS Sports Network, consisting of 13 weeks of programming, including 80 hours of live streaming to Twitch, over a 3 month period.


Poker Night in America LIVE will air a live an unedited version of the flagship show 2 hours every Tuesday night for 13 weeks from 8pm - 10pm Pacific. This raw look at poker professionals and celebrities playing live will provide a fun and unique perspective on their lives and on the game of poker.


Prior to a two-hour network television airing, Poker Night in America will livestream two hours of high-quality online content to multiple channels, like Twitch, targeting the millennial demographic. In addition, we will stream to Twitch on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights for at least 2 hours each night.
Biggest Names CASTING We’ve produced over 120 episodes in the first two years. Players keep coming back because it’s “the most fun” they’ve ever had playing poker. We mix well known players with celebrities to create a fun and interesting environment. It’s one of the top rated shows on CBS Sports Network and the show keeps getting better and better. THE BIGGEST NAMES IN POKER & CELEBRITY Poker Night in America LIVE will provide the most exciting and desired poker playing content in the television business, in addition to online streaming avenues. Gone will be the days of edited, slow, poker play and analysis. Poker Night LIVE will be cast for action packed fanfare pleasure and intrigue, as LIVE pulls back the curtain on how Las Vegas poker rooms run poker pro and celebrity cash games.
Casting will include:
Professional Poker Player Celebrities
Reality TV Stars
….and more
Online Distribution ONLINE DISTRIBUTION MILLENNIAL TARGET Poker Night in America has a strong and constantly growing base of loyal online viewers. 4.6 MILLION VIEWS
Partner Benefits PARTNER BENEFITS • 106 total hours of Network Television and Online Exposure
• Customer promotions to win a seat on our show
• Brand association with Poker Pros, Athletes, and Celebrities
• Nearly unlimited ways for us to highlight your brand across multiple platforms
• Investment: $20k/week