Caribbean Poker Party Rules


  • Floor people – They are to consider the best interest of the game and fairness as the top priority in the decision making process. Unusual Circumstances can on occasions dictate that decisions in the interest of fairness take priority over the technical rules. The floor’s decision is final.
  • Official Language – The English-only rule must be adhered to at the table. This includes to outside influences. Should a player wish to talk in a foreign language they must leave the table.
  • The Chip Race – When it is time to colour up chips, they will be raced off with a maximum 1 chip going to any player. A player cannot be eliminated from a tournament in a chip race. We encourage players to witness the chip race.
  • Odd Chips – The odd chips will go to the high hand. In flop games when there are two or more high hands or 2 or more low hands, the odd chips will be awarded to the player left of the button during showdown.
  • Each side pot will be split one at a time and before any boards will be completed, thus reducing risk of error.
  • Calling for a clock – Should a player have had sufficient time, any player at the table can call a clock. The dealer will call the floor and if both the dealer and the floor person agree that it is fair to put the player on the clock, then the player will have 60 seconds plus an additional 10 second countdown to make an action, should the player not act in this time, their hand will be declared dead.
  • Dead Button – Tournaments and Cash games operate using a dead button.
  • Penalties and Disqualification – Should a player act against the rules or the order of play, the floor person will penalise the offender with either a warning, a 1 round penalty, a 2 round penalty or even more. Should a player be a repeat offender, they will be subject to more severe penalties and possibly to the grounds of Disqualification. -If a player is on a penalty, they must remain outside of the tournament area until they are told that they can return. Throughout the penalty the play will blind away as normal. A player who is disqualified will have their chips removed from the tournament. All penalties will be dealt with once the hand has reached conclusion.
  • At your seat – to have a live hand a player must be at their seat when the first card leaves the deck. If they are not at their seat the hand will be deemed dead. Dealers are instructed to muck hands once all hole cards have been distributed. ‘At your seat’ is defined as in reach of the chair, however the floor will have last say on the matter, and even if within reach of the seat your hand could be deemed dead if there is any risk of the player seeing other player’s cards.
  • All-in Showdown – In an all-in situation, all players that reach showdown must show their hands.
  • Raise Requirements – If a player puts in a raise of 50% or more of the previous bet/raise, but less than a minimum raise, the player will have to make the raise upto a minimum raise. In no limit and pot limit, a raise all-in that doesn’t meet the required minimum raise will not re-open the betting to the previous aggressor.
  • Oversized Chip – An oversized chip will be considered a call if the player does not announce otherwise. If a player puts an oversized chip into the pot whilst stating only ‘raise’, the raise will be for the full value of the chip that entered the pot. Any verbal declarations must occur before the chip lands over the betting line.
  • No Disclosure – No Advice – One player to a hand – Players cannot expose their hand. Although it isn’t binding, they can declare a hand whilst in play. Players cannot discuss other player’s hands unless the hand is heads up and their own hand is still live. During hands, no players can seek help from any source whether involved or not involved directly in the game. One player to a hand rule is in play, and should there be any outside influence, the hand will be declared dead with the player subject to penalty, with any outside influence also ejected.
  • Speech Play – This is permitted, during hands only players holding cards can discuss anything related to the game. Multiway speech play is allowed, however players cannot discuss other players’ hands unless heads-up. Speech play must not contravene the Code of Conduct.
  • Random Seats – Tournament and Satellite seats will be randomly assigned. We do however have a family and friends rule, whereby we try to keep these separate to avoid chances of collusion.
  • Communication Devices – A player may not use a mobile phone whilst actively involved in a hand. Should a player still be on the phone when the final card is dealt to the button, their hand will be deemed dead. Whilst active in the hand, the player must not touch there phone. Kindles/iPads are allowed at the table, though they are not allowed on the poker table cloth surface. Again these should not be used whilst a player is active in a hand. Players on the TV table are not permitted to use their mobile devices whilst at the table including phones, tablets and laptops, and any such infringement will reduce in penalties. We cannot however prevent any players from receiving information from friends watching the stream elsewhere.
  • Deck Changes – Deck changes will be determined by the house.
  • New Limits- When time has elapsed the blinds will be raised, these will be announced by the Tournament Director. The blinds will go up in the first hand of the new level (with the start of the new hand being the first riffle).
  • Reloads/Rebuys – Should a player want a Reload/Rebuy, they must make the dealer aware, this way they will be dealt into the following hand with a known stack including the rebuy. Upon request the player is obligated to pay for the reloads/rebuy.
  • Higher Denomination Chips – These chips must be clearly visible at all times.
  • Rabbit Hunting – No rabbit hunting is allowed.
  • Breaking tables – All players will receive a table and seat number upon the breaking of a table. All players must go straight to their new seat. Not doing so will be punished with a penalty. On arrival at a new table players can fill any position at the table, though they will miss the first hand should they be positioned between the Button and the Small Blind.
  • Chips – When moving table’s chips must remain visible whether in trays or hand. Chips must not be put in pockets, or carried by anybody other than the play or a member of staff assigned by the Tournament Director. During Breaks all chips must remain at the table. Failure to abide by these rules could lead to penalty or even disqualification.
  • Balancing tables – In Flop Games when balancing tables, players from the big blind will be moved to the open position that will pay the big blind first. Play will be paused should a table be 3 players short of the standard at any given time.
  • Raises – There is no cap on the number of raises in no-limit games. A minimum raise must be the previous raise interval + total of last bet. In Limit events there will be a limit to the number of raises until heads up. Even when heads up the house limit will apply.
  • Misdeals – In Flop Games the following constitute a misdeal:
    • One of the first two cards dealt being exposed.
    • Two cards being exposed in all.
    • A boxed card appear in the original deal.
    • A card flying of off the table.
    • A player not receiving the required number of cards. Players can be dealt two consecutive cards on the button. In stud games if any of the players two down cards are exposed it is instantly a misdeal.
    • Failure to shuffle or cut the deck – No matter how much action has taken place, if it turns out that either of these have taken place the hand will be void.
  • Unprotected Hands – If a dealer kills an unprotected hand, the players hand will be dead and they will lose any chips that are invested in the pot. However, should a player have an uncalled raise in the pot, they will lose the previous calling amount.
  • Card Speak – Dealers cannot kill a winning hand that has been tabled and was clearly the winning hand. Players are encouraged to assist in reading tabled hands and point out any errors about to be made.
  • Verbal Declarations – These are binding. Verbal action out of turn will be treated like a completed action. Should the action not change your action will stand, should the player change the action (raise) you get all chips back with all options.
  • Exposing cards – A player who exposes cards with action pending may incur penalty. The players hand will NOT be dead and the hand will play out as normal.
  • Methods of raising – in no limit and pot limit a raise must be made either:
    • Verbal declaration
    • Placing the full amount across the betting line in one motion
    • Announcing raise, placing the call amount across the line, followed by the additional raise amount.
  • Ethical play – Poker is an individual Game. Soft play will result in penalties or possibly straight disqualification.
  • Pot size – Only in pot limit games can players ask the dealer how much is in the pot.
  • Button in heads-up – The button will always be the small blind when heads-up. A player cannot be the Big Blind both in the final hand of 3 handed and the 1st hand of heads-up.
  • Ettiquette violations – this will result in warnings and escalating penalties when repeat offending. These include:
    • Leaving out of turn
    • Touching another player’s cards or chips
    • Delaying the game
    • Excessive chatter
  • Order of Showdown – should aggressive action take place on the river, the last aggressor must show his hand first. Should the action be checked around on the river, order of showdown will move around left of the button.
  • Last Man Standing Rule – The last live hand wins the pot without having to show any cards. Example A heads-up pot, Player A bets the river, Player B calls, A mucks. In this instance B wins as the last live hand and does not have to give up any information by showing his hand. Had player A shown then mucked Player B would had to show to claim the pot.
  • Action Pending – Players must remain at the table if they still have action pending on a hand.
  • String raises – Dealers will be responsible for calling string raises. Any objections, the floor will have the final say.
  • Playing the Board – Players must still show both cards if they are playing the board and want to claim part of the pot.

Partypoker MILLIONS Caribbean Qualifiers

  • The promoter of this promotion is ElectraWorks Limited a Gibraltar limited company with its registered office at Suite 6, Atlantic Suites, Europort Avenue, Gibraltar.
  • This promotion is available to all players who have a valid partypoker.com account in good standing.
  • $10,000 Caribbean Poker Party Packages expire on 27th November 2017
  • Each $10,000 Caribbean Poker Party package consists of:
    • $5,300 buy-in to the partypoker MILLIONS Caribbean event held at The Level at Meliá Caribe Tropical in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic from 19th to 26th November 2017
    • $2,000 towards travelling expenses for players plus one guest
    • All-inclusive accommodation for player plus one guest, food and beverages at The Level at Meliá Caribe Tropical Punta Cana. This includes 7 hotel nights with check in on 19th November, check- out on 26th November 2017
  • The first package won must be taken and used as advertised. Subsequent packages won can only be transferred or sold to another player
  • In order to transfer a subsequent package. Players must contact [email protected] and include details of the player who the package is to be transferred to. The details of the package recipient must include username, first name, last name and email address.
  • Note that partypoker will manage solely the physical movement of the package between accounts and will not manage any movement of funds between players related to the transfer of packages. Players are reminded that if they send or receive funds in lieu of packages, whether inside or outside the partypoker gaming system, they do so at their own risk and partypoker accepts no responsibility for any loss incurred in any such transaction.
  • Players who sell a package must notify partypoker who package was transferred to no later than 7 days before the start of the event
  • No cash alternative will be offered for subsequent packages
  • Players must register for their Day 1 in the partypoker software. Unused $5,300 tickets will expire after the event
  • All winners must be able to travel to the event at their own cost, including being able to obtain any and all documents required for travel to that destination.
  • Any taxes due in connection with any prizes or winnings are the sole responsibility and liability of the winner(s).
  • How to win. Participants in the Promotion can win by entering our prize satellites and pursuant to our qualifying structure
  • By taking part in this Promotion, you agree to these Specific Promotional Terms and Conditions and our Standard Promotional Terms and Conditions.
  • Winners of the promotion will be notified by the events team by email.

Competition Policies

  1. All multi-table tournaments will have a maximum of 10 players per table.
  2. Deals must be done based on ICM where at least 10% of the remaining prizepool is left for 1st place to play for, this will ensure that fair deals take place. All negotiations must be supervised by the tournament Director who will step in should he think that a deal is unfair.
  3. All competitions must be played to a conclusion. Prizes will then be awarded accordingly.
  4. If two or more players at the same table are eliminated on the same hand, then they will be eliminated based on chip count at the start of the hand. If two or more players are eliminated at the same time on different tables, then the players will split the prize money equally.
  5. The house reserves the right to alter the blind/ante structure.
  6. We advise that all players read the Code of Conduct as a guide to help players know what is and is not acceptable behaviour.
  7. Maximum Cash Payout for any tournament is $10,000. Any additional prize money will be paid by Cheque, Bank Transfer, and online Account or held on deposit.
  8. String bets- String betting is using your chips to gauge a reaction. Chips should be placed in one motion. However, to make bets even clearer for all, verbal declaration can lessen risk of error.
  9. Additional Rules may be posted to cover special circumstances/

Competition Procedures

  1. The Button will start in seat one for all tournaments.
  2. When removing smaller denomination chips from play, players will race for any odd chip remaining. Each player in the race will receive one card per odd chip that they have. Each player will receive their card(s) consecutively with the dealer starting with seat 1 and progressing around clockwise. Bridge order will apply where necessary (Spades, hearts, diamond then clubs)
  3. It is the player’s responsibility to immediately inform the cardroom personnel if they have returned from a break to an incorrect stack. This is also the case at the start of the tournament.
  4. At the start of all tournaments and during breaks all decks will be spread for all players to see and to verify that all cards are present.
  5. Sufficient Action- either three folds, or two actions with at least one entering chips into the pot. This will be relevant in situations regarding actions out of turn and misdeals. This can also apply regarding missed action and exposed cards for further streets, if the floor feel that the player had plenty of time to make the dealer aware of the situation, his action could be void, therefore if facing a bet their hand would be dead, if facing no aggressive action the player would have to check. This would mainly apply to early exposed flops.
  6. If a dealer exposes a card on the initial deal, it will be replaced by the first burn card. The exposed card will be highlighted to all.
  7. If a player has not been given a chance to make action but the community cards get exposed , the following will happen: – Pre-flop action- the dealer will keep any cards that are face up there and complete the board face down, any exposed cards will be reshuffled and be dealt out once action has been completed. – Flop action- the dealer will burn and place the actual river card face down, then once the required action has been completed the dealer will reshuffle the exposed card into the deck and provide the new turn card. – Turn action- with only the river card remaining, action will be completed and the exposed river will be reshuffled into the deck and a new river card will be dealt out.
  8. Limited reloads- All players will be issued with the appropriate number of reload chips. If they have not been used by the end of the reload period they will be removed. Reloads can be used no matter how big a player’s stack is.
  9. Unlimited Rebuys- During the rebuy period, all players are eligible for a single or double rebuy so long as they have starting stack or less. Should a player have a stack size between start stack and double the start stack, they are eligible for a single rebuy. At the end of the rebuy period, all players no matter what their stack will be eligible for a rebuy and an Add-on.

Registration and Cancellation Policy

  1. All tournaments need a minimum of 10 players registered to start
  2. Entry to CPP competitions must be made in the partypoker lobby or via the cash desk at The Level at Meliá Caribe Tropical
  3. Players visiting from abroad, or other parts of the UK, will be allowed to enter in advance. However, the method of payment (subject to time constraints) must first be checked and agreed with Dusk Till Dawn in advance before entry is permitted.
  4. All tournaments will be subject to a registration fee.
  5. Alternates will be allowed. As players drop out of the competition they will be offered the seat.
  6. Late Registration will be allowed into the tournament for the levels advertised
  7. Late registrants and alternates will be allocated the full starting stack with NO deductions for blinds missed.
  8. Provided a player registers before the end of the late registration period, s/he will be able to play in the tournament. In this case, players will be allowed to withdraw if they feel their stack is not enough Big Blinds for the level they are eventually entered in. This decision must be made BEFORE sitting down at the table.
  9. If there are no spare seats at currently open tables, then new tables will be opened to accommodate late players, up to the allowable cap. This is done at the Supervisor’s discretion.
  10. There may be a stated re-buy period dependent upon the competition type. The number of re-buys may also be restricted for certain competitions. All re-buy details will be posted on the relevant Card Room literature. An allocated time will be given in which re-buys are permitted. The last 3 hands for re-buys will commence after the allocated period has elapsed.
  11. During Re-Entry tournaments players that get knocked out and re-enter will not be penalised with a chip penalty.
  12. All our results will be published on CPP website. CPP events may be filmed for future TV and/or live streaming productions, by participating in any CPP event you also agree that we can use your name, photo or video footage in any way we see fit.
  13. Once payment has been received, that player is deemed to be in the competition.
  14. If a registered player is going to be late, or not available to play, and would like to be removed from the competition, they must notify the club before the start of the clock to receive a full refund.
  15. Players who have not notified the club that they wish to be removed from the competition prior to the start of the clock, will be included. These players will receive cards and post blinds accordingly. They will not be entitled to a refund.

TV (Live Streaming) and General Media Rules

  1. partypoker LIVE events are often filmed for future TV and/or live streaming productions, by participating in any partypoker LIVE event you also agree that we can use your name, photo or video footage in any way we see fit.
  2. Players playing on the TV table agree that we can broadcast their play on a short delay over the Internet, or on TV and create highlights videos and full videos of all play on the table. Players do not have the right to opt out of this coverage.
  3. Players on the TV table are not permitted to use their mobile devices whilst at the table including phones, tablets and laptops, and any such infringement will result in penalties. We cannot however prevent any players from receiving information from friends watching the stream elsewhere.
  4. The TV table may feature commentary from various people including but not limited to regular commentators and occasional guests. The opinions of the commentators and guests are their own and are not necessarily the opinions of partypoker LIVE.


  1. CPP Events are operated by Dusk Till Dawn Ltd and sponsored by partypoker, as such all poker and promotional matters, procedures, decisions, rules and administration are the responsibility of Dusk Till Dawn Ltd.
  2. General Dusk Till Dawn and partypoker terms and conditions apply

Caribbean Poker Party Leaderboard Terms and Conditions

  • The promoter of the promotion CPP leaderboards is GVC Services Limited, a company registered in Gibraltar with company number 112454 and whose registered office is situated at Suite 6, Atlantic Suites, Europort Avenue, Gibraltar
  • CPP Leaderboard  promotion runs from 22nd May to 13th August
  • CPP Leaderboard runs WEEKLY from 04:00 EST/10.00CET and ends on the following Monday at 03:59 EST / 09.59CET
  • Only Power Series Tournaments qualify for Leaderboard points and are split as follows:
    • Low: $5.50 & 11
    • Medium: $22 & $55
    • High: $109+
  • How do I earn Leaderboard Points?
  • Leaderboard Points = 10 * [√n/√rank] * [1+log (buy-in+0.25)]
  • n = Number of players in the Power Series tournament
  • Buy-in = cost of Power Series tournament buy-in
  • Rank – position finished in the Power Series tournament
  • Players only get points for tournaments where they finish in the money.
  • Multiphase Tournaments do not count towards Leaderboard points
  • Tournaments with non-cash prizes, such as satellites, do not count towards Leaderboard points
  • Each $10,000 package consists of:
    • $5,300 buy-in to the partypoker MILLIONS Caribbean
    • $2,000 cash towards flights
    • All-inclusive hotel for two from 19th – 26th November 2017
    • Free transfers from Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ)
  • Winners of the CPP leaderboard promotion will be credited the package winnings within 48 hours of the conclusion of the leaderboard
  • The first package won must be taken and used as advertised. Subsequent packages can be sold/transferred.
  • Players who win tickets via the leaderboards will have 30 days to use their tickets. Tickets will expire thereafter
  • Tickets will not be converted to Tournament Dollars and must be used for CPP Live events.
  • Additionally, in the event that a player has already made Day 1 and they win an additional package via the LIVE satellites, the first package must be used. Any subsequent packages won can be sold/transferred.
  • No cash alternative will be offered for subsequent packages
  • Packages can be transferred or sold to another partypoker or non-partypoker account holder
  • partypoker are not liable for transfers made to another partypoker or non-partypoker account holder
  • Leaderboard points are earned separately to party points
  • To be eligible, you must be 18 years old and be a real-money player
  • To be eligible all personal and contact data associated with your account must be correct and verifiable
  • partypoker reserves the right to change or end this promotion at any time
  • partypoker reserves the right to cancel this promotion in its entirety or exclude any individual/s from participation, if it determines at its sole discretion that there are any irregularities or abuses occurring in connection with the promotion
  • partypoker tournament rules apply
  • By taking part in this Promotion, you agree to these Specific Promotional Terms and Conditions, our Standard Promotional Terms and Conditions and Caribbean Poker Party Terms & Conditions